Investing gets a ‘Turbo’ boost with Univest and Harbhajan Singh’s collaboration  

The fintech startup has partnered with Harbhajan Singh
The fintech startup has partnered with Harbhajan Singh, former Indian cricketer renowned for his off-spin bowling and popularly known as the ‘Turbanator’


India’s first investment platform enabling right investments with timely exits

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Univest is a pioneering investment platform that is transforming the way investors engage with their portfolios. The fintech startup has partnered with Harbhajan Singh, former Indian cricketer renowned for his off-spin bowling and popularly known as the ‘Turbanator‘. Univest focuses on user engagement and leverages cutting-edge artificial intelligence (AI) technology to empower individuals to make informed investment decisions and achieve their financial goals. Within just a few months of launching its app, Univest has already gained over 500,000 users.

Univest recognizes that every investor is unique and understands the importance of catering to individual needs, not only in terms of making the right investments but also in timely exits from underperforming assets. Hence, our campaign focuses on highlighting our personalized investment management platform, which offers a diverse range of investment options tailored to your specific requirements. Moreover, we emphasize how individual investors can achieve higher returns by making timely exits from underperforming investments. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional looking to optimize your portfolio, Univest provides a seamless and intuitive platform that empowers you to achieve your investment goals.Univest distinguishes itself from other platforms by recognizing the importance of strategic investments in promising opportunities and timely exits from underperforming assets. By utilising its AI-powered ‘Buy-Sell-Hold’ insights, users can achieve enhanced returns. .Additionally, Univest Pro empowers users to attain a ‘Pro’ level in stock market investing by equipping investors with valuable trade ideas from SEBI registered advisors irrespective of their trading style. The research team behind these trade ideas boasts over 75 years of trading experience. Pro users can also unlock perks like premium breakout screeners, quarterly portfolio review and a lot more perks. Another great offering, Univest Elite, offers a reliable avenue for investors to earn fixed and stable returns of up to 12% p.a., irrespective of market fluctuations with a track record of 100% timely payouts. Univest also eliminates the need for extensive research, as users can rely on the expertise of a personal investment app that guides them through every step of the investment process. Pranit Arora, Avneet Dhamija, and Vikash Agrawal, the brilliant minds behind Univest, commented,”The narrative of the campaign effectively conveys the core elements of our platform in a concise yet impactful manner. We firmly believe that it will strike a chord with our intended audience, as we strive to address their investment woes and empower them to reach their financial goals through a single, comprehensive platform”Sharing his experience as a regular Univest app user, Harbajan Singh conveyed his excitement about the platform’s impact on his investment journey. “From timely exit signals for non-performing stocks in my portfolio to reliable trade ideas from SEBI registered advisors, Univest has become an essential tool in my investment journey. Not only this I am able to invest in high-income products which provide me with stable and higher returns of up to 12%. Impressed by the multitude of features provided, collaborating with Univest was an obvious choice for me, knowing it to be a valuable asset for investors seeking to maximise their returns.”


About Univest

Univest specialises in identifying lucrative investment opportunities and providing tailored investment ideas to match your investment style. With their remarkable growth and increasing popularity, Univest has emerged as a prominent player in the industry. Notably, their user retention rates rank among the highest in wealth management, acknowledged by the prestigious Global MMP standard and Appsflyer. Their latest campaign emphasises Univest’s comprehensive platform, catering to all types of investors aiming to optimise their investment returns. The team’s expertise, unwavering commitment, and support from influential angel investors have significantly contributed to the platform’s success. They eagerly anticipate making a positive impact on the journeys of even more investors through this partnership.



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